How to store and care

All my skin care products are made by hand
with natural ingredients.
Please treat them as "food".

It is important to store them in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.
The bathroom is generally not the best place to store natural products, like moisturizers, lip balms or deodorants as it tends to get both wet and hot, which can reduce the product's shelf life and effectiveness.
Using clean spoon or spatula to scoop out your moisturizer (not your fingers) will help in keeping away any unwanted bacteria.
This products do not contain chemical preservatives, reason why they normally last between six to 8 months in good conditions.
All Balm products should be kept cool (below 30 degrees centigrade).
This is because they are 100% natural and will melt if kept too warm.

Try to use them as soon as you buy them. 
As time goes by they will loose some freshness (scent or color).
Glycerin soaps tend to melt if left in contact with water.
Please use a draining soap dish.
They are colored with natural colorants like Turmeric or Charcoal so it's important to keep them dry and away from the sunlight.
Color and shape of the soaps may differ slightly between batches.

I usually “cook” them to order to keep them "fresh", reason why they can take about a week to be ready for shipping. Please be patient and take good
care of them.
It will be worth it.
This products are not medicines. They can help reducing skin issues like Eczema,skin dryness or itchy scalp but won't act as a medicine.
Always consult a doctor if you're experiencing a severe medical condition.